Join us at 10:30 am Sundays (9:30 Memorial-Labor Day) and let us welcome you into worship.

What’s worship like at Congregational UCC?  Our worship could be described as mainline Protestant, with great love for tradition, but also with a lively spirit, and plenty of space for new ways of singing and praying and celebrating and sharing.  After gathering time we share a welcome, and announcements.  We then enter into the more structured order of worship, with hymns,  prayers, more hymns, songs, spirituals and music expressing praise to God. There are scripture readings, choir anthems or special music, a time with children . On the first Sunday of each month, we also respond by sharing Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist).  Worship concludes, with or without Communion, with the singing of a hymn, a benediction (“good word”) from the pastor, and a choral benediction. There is usually a postlude– music to send us on our way.  Worship generally lasts about an hour.






What about children?  We feel it is important to include children in the worshipping community. Recognizing an hour in worship can be a challenge, we provide special children’s worship bags with quiet, fun activities, and following the weekly “Children's Moment”, we have a nursery for our youngest children (birth through three) and we send the other children to their Sunday School classrooms.


How do you serve Communion, and what is the understanding of Communion at Congregational UCC?    In general, we offer a prayer of thanksgiving, remember God’s acts of creation and salvation, and recall Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. The pastor prays.  Members of our deacons then pass around trays of bread and  and grape juice.  We hold the bread and wine until the pastor tells us to eat and drink.  Communion always concludes with a prayer of thanksgiving spoken by all.

Who may receive Communion at  Congregational UCC?   Short answer:  ALL!   We have long practiced “open” communion. We believe that Christ’s invitation is to all– from the youngest to the oldest, people of all walks of life, every race, creed, gender, orientation, class, faith understanding, church membership. Each comes as she or he understands their need, their thankfulness, their relationship with God and others.

What should I wear?  Short answer:  Clothing…we’re casual, but not THAT casual!  Seriously, folks come to church in clothing that is comfortable.  For some, that means dressing up in their “Sunday best”.  For others, it is a  t-shirt and jeans or shorts.  But, for most, it’s somewhere in between…like “casual Friday” or “business casual” clothing.


What about physical limitations–mobility, hearing, sight?  We try to make worship accessible through various means.  We have an elevator that goes from the ground floor entrance on the west side of the building up to the worship area and down to fellowship hall.  We have an accessible restroom  on the upper level.  If you have a problem with hearing, you can request a set of headphones from the ushers.  Large print Sunday bulletins are available each Sunday.