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What to Expect

We welcome you to come worship with us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

The main entrance for the worship space is at the back of the sanctuary. There is  a shorter pew available for folks to sit with loved ones with wheelchairs or walkers. When you first arrive, there are greeters who will welcome you when you come in the main building entrance and help you figure out where everything is. There are also ushers who will hand you a bulletin that includes the complete order of the service. 

The service should feel familiar to those who enjoy traditional worship services but the structure is also flexible from week to week, creating space for each person to connect with the Spirit in his or her own way through scripture, reflection, prayer, music, and silence.  For a detailed overview of service please go here.

All are truly welcome. We look forward to seeing you in worship with us very soon. May Christ's grace and peace be with you. 

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